Now that summertime is here many people in Buffalo New York are planning events, everything from weddings to backyard barbeques and graduation parties. One question I get asked a lot is, how much is a DJ. Now, there is no real answer to that question because everyone has different rates. Some DJs even price their packages according to the event. The one question I like to ask people that call me for parties or events is, what kind of event is it? and here is the reason I ask that question.

Here Is How You Can Save Money When Planning To Have Music

The first thing you should consider is, who's coming to your event, there are some types of parties that really do not require a DJ. You would be amazed at the number of calls I get from people that are having a small gathering, baby shower, or backyard party. In most cases, there's not going to be any dancing, with today's technology, you can have a portable powered speaker and your favorite streaming playlist. I also know of DJ companies that offer a virtual DJ system, that allows you to rent sound equipment and pick the music you want at a much cheaper rate than a DJ.

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Now, DJs reading this article probably don't like what they're reading. In my opinion. I think it's helpful to know if you really need a DJ service. Here is another tip, if you're having an event and it starts at 5 pm, and your know your guess is always late, tell your DJ to come later, because we get paid whether anyone is there or not. Lastly, make sure your DJ cares about your event, if your DJ is just there because your paying him or her when your party is not jumping, a DJ that is just there for the pay will put in very little effort to get it popping.

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