Many people that have lived in Buffalo for some time now, know that we can occasionally get a long streak of hot weather, and the humidity can be unbearable especially if you don't have central air conditioning. Here in Buffalo, back in the days' many homes were not built with central ac because it wasn't considered a necessity. The summers here only last a couple of months and your back into the winter season. Now, AC units are more common in newly built homes, but for those of you who don't have central air during this week's heat, here are some things you can do to stay cool.

This week is going to be a scorcher in terms of the heat according to, Today the high temperature will be 80-90 degrees and it will be humid. There are some pretty obvious things that you can do to beat the heat like, if you have access to a pool or a public pool, you can go there to cool off. Many people that don't have central air will visit a friend or family member that does have it during the day.

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Ways You Can Beat The Heat

Some people may not think of this, but during the day you can hit the shopping mall and just walk around to stay cool and get exercise. Another thing you can do, now that they are open is visit the library or even catch a movie. Some of the tips I like around the house is widow AC units, that will keep a portion of the house cool.

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