As a DJ, I have seen a lot of weddings, although each one is very unique and has different things happening, most of the traditional activities are all the same. If you were fortunate enough to pull off some kind of wedding last year, I'm sure there were a few things that were done a little differently too. Let's talk about some of the common things that are done at most weddings, but people still forget to do these few little things.

Things That Are Often Forgotten At A Wedding

The all-important toast to the bride and groom, some people literally plan their speech the minute they find out that they are the "Best Man" or the "Maid or Matron of Honor", which is usually a year or so in advance. The speech is done, it was great, you really knocked the crowd dead, but in all the excitement of your speech, you forgot to actually toast the bride and groom before you dropped the mic. Another common thing I see forgotten is the parents, you may think that they are just there to support you and really don't care if they are mentioned or not, let me tell you that's not true, your parents have been waiting on this day for as long as you have, and in some cases, they probably paid for it, so the next time your DJ introduce the bridal party, make sure the parents are at least mentioned.

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Although this isn't that commonly forgotten, I have seen it enough times for this to make my list. Check this out, you enter your wedding reception with the DJ giving you this incredible introduction, you come in and do your first dance and head right to your seat for the rest of the formalities to take place. Now that everything is done, dinner is over, your ready to get the party started and hit the dance floor. The DJ gets everybody up and partying, only to remember later, that you forgot to cut your cake.

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