Have you ever been traveling in your car and been cut off by someone? or traveling in a roundabout in Cheektowaga or anywhere in the city for that matter, and someone was riding your tail? There are more young drivers on the roads nowadays and it's gonna take some patience from people who tend to be more aggressive on the roads. My son is a new driver and he just told me a story about his first encounter with an aggressive driver in a roundabout.

So What Are Some Of The Dangers Of Road Rage?

Some of the dangers of road rage you would probably think are pretty obvious like, it is the leading cause of accidents because it distracts drivers and injuries can occur, and of course, the fact that there can be a physical altercation. The one thing I think people lose sight of is the legal implications and all of the unnecessary stress.

Here Are Some Things I Think Can Help You Avoid Road Rage

If someone is driving too slow, please keep in mind that it may be a young first-time driver or, a person that is lost or looking for an address. The one thing you want to avoid, unless your really looking for trouble, is giving someone the finger or an unpleasant gesture. People do it out of anger not realizing, the person they are doing it to might be having a bad day.

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We have all been there, and it can be easy to lose control, just remember my tips and stay safe on the roads.

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