Poker has been a big deal in Buffalo for a long time. Now, the game of "texas hold 'em" is even more popular than ever before since the World Series of Poker started airing on TV. During the pandemic, there were a number of home games, some of them are for fun and some people make the game a little more interesting by having competitive tournaments. There are many different skill levels of poker players and for some beginners, sitting at a table with a more experienced player can be intimidating.

Here Are Some Poker Terms You Should Know As A Beginner

It is common for a new player who is just getting started to do this "SLOW ROLL" this happens in a few different ways, but the most common way for a beginner is when he or she wins the hand, they will show their winning hand very slow, which has the tendency to make the other player in the hand with them believe they won because they were slow to show their winning hand. That is very much frowned upon in the porker world. Another term you should know is called "THE NUTS", this term is used when a player at the table has the best possible hand you have therefore they have won that hand.

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These are just a few terms you should know before you hit your next poker game, for some people the game of taxes hold 'em can be very fun, but also take a long time to learn. I would suggest reading books and doing some research, before playing professionally

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