I can remember growing up in Buffalo back in the days as a youngster when young men and women were basically raised by everyone in the neighborhood. That saying "it takes a village" really meant a lot back then because everyone in the neighborhood knew who each other were and no one had a problem with another adult telling a child when they were out of line. Another thing that was different back then, is if a child's parents trusted the other adult enough, they would be allowed to put their hands on them too. Although those days are long gone, there are still ways you can help some of our young boys and girls in the community.

One way is adoption, you can find an adoption agency of your choice, submit an application, complete the home study process, attend an agency-sponsored training program and then visit a child. I think that most of the young people in the community that are always in trouble are usually in that situation because they never really have anyone to look up to. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, one of my most fun jobs was being a summer youth counselor at the Masten Boys & Girls Club. I really felt like I was helping young people make smart behavior decisions all while having fun too.

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Another way is to get involved with volunteer programs in the community that deals with young people and try to help them find mentors and career choices.

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