Six Flags Darien Lake Bring Back The 30 Hour Coffin Challenge
Oh man its back by popular demand, the 30 hour coffin challenge returns to the all new Six Flags Darien Lake
Many probably ask what's the coffin challenge? Well it is a real easy game all you have to do is lay in a closed coffin for 30 hours (bathroom breaks and yes there is a breathing hole)
Nate Dogg's Tombstone Set To Be "Remixed" 
The original "King" of hooks Nate Dogg is getting his Tombstone upgraded.... designed by the same guy who just gave Eazy-E's final resting place a new look.
Cemetery Tim, the man behind Eazy-E's new updated gravestone, according to TMZ ...
2 Chains Celebrates His 42nd Bday -With Friday the 13th Theme
When do you celebrate Halloween???
Well if your platinum recording artist like 2 Chains the answer is when every you want.
The "Weave Killer" himself celebrated his 42nd birthday with his own star studded Halloween theme party. Click video below via :Tmz to see the new flavor of Circ…

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