Lauryn Hill Dropping New Music Next Month || Power 93.7 WBLK
Wow Oh wow what a time to be alive For all my Lauryn Hill fans. The Word around town is that she will have new music yes Lauryn Hill will have new music coming out soon!
We know Miss Hill has been keeping busy touring the work and I know I can listen to Lauryn Hill perform the whole miseducation cd e…
Police Officer Arrested & Charged With Murder In Unarmed Shooting
This is so sad another unarmed person shot in there own home and dies from the hands of a Texas police officer. The community is outraged because the police were called to due a welfare check on the home. Instead of making sure the homeowner was ok the trigger happy cop killed her in her own home wh…
Who’s Ready For The New City Girls Album? || Power 93.7 WBLK
City Girls And City Boys are in an uproar with the great news of the release of the 1/2 of the whole City Boy/Girl movement leader, JT.
Jt just dropped her new record “JT First Day Out,” right after being released from behind bars. And now its looking real promising on a n…

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