We have all experienced this, your phone rings with an anonymous 1-800 number with some pre-recorded message like, "You have been selected for a survey" or " We've been trying to reach you regarding your extended warranty". This is enough to drive people insane. According to WGRZ, robocalls are super-annoying, super-cheap, and to be frank with you there super difficult to stop.

The estimated numbers on robocalls to local phones are truly off the charts. There is a robocall blocking app called YouMail that says in a five-year period beginning in 2016, Buffalo-area phones hit a staggering 1,788,425,500 automated calls.

Are Robocalls illegal, and if so, when?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a robocall is illegal when it is received and it's something for sale. There are some legal robocalls, but the consumer has to sign up for them or agree to them like calls from your child's school to alert you of news or your doctor's office and pharmacies. I often wondered about apps that claim to block robocalls, I'm just not sure I'm 100% sure of the effectiveness of them.

How Much is The Cost To Set Up Robocalls?

Did you know that it only takes $100.00 to make tens of thousands of calls quickly and easily? Robo-Tech has made making robocalls so cheap and easy, that casting net calls over an entire city can be done very quickly. The only thing you can do, and it's not a total slam dunk way of stopping the calls, but you can register your phone number with the do not call list.

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