Buffalo is definitely on the come up as it relates to small businesses opening here in our city. The nice thing about many of the small businesses that are open here is, most of the owners are people many of us know well, and in most cases, it really feels good to support people we know, and would like to see do well.

First Things To Consider When Starting A Business.

One of the many things to think about when starting is, what kind of business are you running and, what entity will your business be. Will you need a DBA? which is "Doing Business As", this is a necessary option for bringing your business name to life if it operates under a name other than its legal name. Another option is Corporation (Inc.), this is an option if your thinking about raising capital, going public or if you expect a lot of shareholders. Some new business owners may consider a Limited Liability Company (LLC) Personal asset protection, business, and tax flexibility is why this is a popular option for many.

I would always consult with a legal professional to see what option best fit your needs, but these are options you should keep in mind when getting started.

Another one of my personal tips would be, planning out your idea and doing research. I have seen so many great ideas go to waste because there wasn't enough research done before the business owner chose to dive right into the business.

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