I would like to start by sending a big shout-out to Cardinal O'Hara High School, I have been doing their high school proms for at least the last five years, this year I got an unexpected last-minute call because restrictions have just eased up and capacity limits were increased. I was happy to be able to provide music for their 2021 prom.

The night was done safely and all New York State guidelines were followed including everyone wearing a mask and social distancing was required. This prom had some really neat ideas to keep everyone engaged and entertained to make the night enjoyable for everyone. I came up with a few tips to help make your special night fun.

Have A Positive Attitude About The Night

This is your night come in ready to have fun, don't worry about things not being normal. You have waited all year to get dressed and enjoy a night like this, and most people only get to go to one prom a year so, make it count.

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Things To Do Besides Dancing

One trend I'm starting to see is different activities throughout the night, like game show host and karaoke, prizes, and give-a-ways. This tends to take the pressure off everyone to not have to think about dancing if they're not big dancers anyways, and it also gives your DJ time to survey the room to see how they're going to keep that energy going.

What About The People You Are With?

This is important, if you know the people you are with are not ready to cut loose and have a good time, you can't let that stop you from having a good time, remember, energy breeds energy, maybe if they see you doing your thing, they will want to do the same.

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