Penny Hess is Chairwoman of African People's Solidarity Committee and is on a mission to get other white people to understand if they're not part of the solution, they're part of the problem of racism and injustice in America! Watch her powerful speech.

If the white people in your black power movement ain't saying stuff like this then u still working in the interest of white power! UHURU! My comrade Penny Hess Black Is Back Coalition Peace Through Revolution March in Washington DC. White People please Listen she speaks the truth u often omit!

Posted by Jevon Gee on Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Every #BlackLivesMatter Protest needs a white person like this to speak the truth in a way other white people can understand.

"This is a Country built on slavery, on the backs of black people" Penny Hess admits as she goes on to talk about the Two Americas the one White people live as their reality and another where Blacks are under a state of genocide, terror, murder and fear.

There's no denying the truth! Especially when it comes from someone who looks like you. I'm sure Penny gets a lot of backlash from other White Americans but she is standing up for what's right and I love her for that! Rock on Penny.

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