Nearly 50,000 + UAW Members Strike At GM Factories
Its easy to forget that as an employee, even though we don't write the checks we still have some say and power in a company. Well, over 50,000 workers at GM plants across the country have decided to put that power to use as they strike and protest GM...
Recently Poppa Johns came out and stated there losing money due to the NFL protest and lack of leadership in the NFL. Check what D.L had to say to Poppa Johns, he took the words right out of my mouth judge free zone.
Buffalo Pastor Supports Colin Kaepernic!
'The Challenger Community News' Publication posted an Editorial in a recent publication that's worthy of recognition, especially for those who either disagree, don't understand, or know nothing about San Francisco 49er's Quarterback Colin Kaepernic's Protest o…
Buffalo Councilman Protests!
Do you agree with what what Councilman Ulysses S. Wingo did prior to a recent Buffalo Common Council Meeting?
Wingo held his fist up in protest and was interviewed by Channel 2 News as to why he did it and why he chose this platform as his means of protest:
College Student Asks Colleges to SHRED THE CONSTITUTION
A College student questioned the distribution and presence of the Constitution on several College Campuses, stating the Constitution was causing her to be physically ill due to it's not being representative of the make-up of the United States and not jibing with EVERYONE'S opinion as …

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