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K Camp Gets "Comfortable" In DR
K Camp took his lady on vacation in the Dominican Republic for the new music video for "Comfortable". But did you know that the country has a long, deep-rooted hate toward its Hatian residents, and this summer they plan to get rid of them. Check this out.
Alex Tebek Raps on Jeopardy! [VID]
Much Like President Obama, legendary game show host Alex Trebek has begun to loosen up toward the end of his career. On a recent episode of Jeopardy he actually RAPPED the answer to one of the infamous questions. Watch this and sing along!
Dad Does Nae Nae [VID]
Silento's hit song and dance "Watch Me" has thousands of kids and teens making their own fan videos but when this little girl's dad jumps in, he steals the show with his cowboy hat and wrangler jeans! You've never seen the Nae Nae dance quite like this before.
Nicki Throwing Shade? [VIDEO]
Nicki Minaj had a big night at the BET Awards, but during her Viewer's Choice Acceptance Speech some say she was taking shots at people who gave up on their dreams and want to blame her for their lack of success. Who could she be talking about? Find out here.
Violinist Wows
This Monday's Motivation comes from a young, black violinist who reminds us that we are never too young to live out our dreams. Watch his viral video of performing at Radio City Hall at just 4 years old!
"I Know" Cute Video
Have you seen Big Sean's new music video for "I Know"? The visual is nothing like imagined, but it's adorable. And speaking of which, watch J. Cole's "Wet Dreamz" video, which is equally unpredictable and cute.
Ride For Roswell 6/27
In Celebration of it's 20th Anniversary, WBLK riding For Roswell! Join us as we support the survivors and raise money to find a cure for Cancer.
Roof Served Burger King In Jail
Blacks in America are seen as problems way before they are seen as People!!!
Posted by Quadir Lateef on Friday, June 19, 2015
21 year old Dylan Roof is a self-proclaimed White Supremacist who went out on a mission "To Kill Black People" on June 17th 2015. He was pulled over by Shelby Pol…
Vanessa Williams WNY Wedding
Singer/actress Vanessa Williams met the man of her dreams and is reportedly getting ready to marry husband number three during a "destination wedding" in Buffalo, NY! Check out her engagement announcement, see the dress and find out more about her Buffalo beau as we reveal the Top …
NY Spring Water E. Coli Scare
Niagara Bottling is recalling its Spring Water after one of its spring sources found a "positive indication" of E. coli. If you drink Spring Water branded by Wegmans, 7/11, Niagara or a list of others, you may be at risk of getting sick! Check this out.
Janet Jackson Concert Details!
One month ago Janet Jackson made a major announcement of an upcoming new album and a world tour via #ConversationsInACafe . Although no details were given at the time, I have everything you need to know right here!
Chaos at Aquatic Center [VIDEO]
Teen girls in bathing suits were man handled and abused by police at an Aquatic Center outside Cinncinati, OH. The video is horrifying to watch, especially knowing their mother is six months pregnant and just trying to protect her children. Five out of eight family members ended up in the hospital a…

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