Cops Beat 14 Year Old Kid
Check out this video of an approximately 14-year-old kid reportedly being "beaten for jaywalking". Does it take six cops to detain a 14-year-old kid who some say isn't resisting arrest but is "just scared"? Take a look at this video. Bystanders were heard yel…
Roof Served Burger King In Jail
Blacks in America are seen as problems way before they are seen as People!!!
Posted by Quadir Lateef on Friday, June 19, 2015
21 year old Dylan Roof is a self-proclaimed White Supremacist who went out on a mission "To Kill Black People" on June 17th 2015. He was pulled over by Shelby Pol…
Texas Teen Speaks Out
You saw the viral video of cops crashing a pool party this weekend, now hear from the victim in the center of the controversial incident.
White Woman Speaks Truth! [vid]
Penny Hess is Chairwoman of African People's Solidarity Committee and is on a mission to get other white people to understand if they're not part of the solution, they're part of the problem of racism and injustice in America! Watch her powerful speech.
Ferguson Jury Was Misled [vid]
The Grand Jury who made the #FergusonDecision that has the world protesting, was misled about the law that may or may not give Darren Wilson the right to shot Mike Brown dead in the street. The prosecutor's office handed the jury an outdated law that was the key to setting the officer free of a…
jeezy & Soulja boy arrested
Rappers Young Jeezy & Soulja Boy both could have avoided arrested if only they invested in a little common sense. Peep the details & find out when to flex your rights and when to let it slide.
George Zimmerman has become the poster child for injustice in this country. Not only did he admit to killing an unarmed teen in Florida and get off, now he admits to speeding with a concealed weapon in his truck and gets off with a warning!
Watch the cop dash cam inside.