I always say after every Buffalo Bills loss, "At least we're undefeated in tailgating." It goes without explaining, you know what it's like in the parking lots. Outsiders (and okay, some people in Buffalo) think we're a bunch of drunks, but there's the excitement and something special when an entire city gets together over football and it's obvious that no city does it like Buffalo.

Yahoo recognized this recently, but they made it sound so much...well....less chaotic than it really is.

Sure, Bills fans know how to throw a traditional outdoor tailgate, no matter the weather. But they also have the largest indoor tailgating partyin the league held at the ADPRO Sports Training Center. That area, with games, prizes, and entertainment, tends to be more family-friendly and kid-focused. If you’re looking for adult fun, you’re going to have to brave the cold. Plenty of long-time fans have been doing just that for years. Look for Ken “Pinto Ron” Johnson, who grills meat on the hood of his Pinto, makes pizza in an oven made of a filing cabinet, and cooks chicken wings in a mailbox. Of course, you’ll also have to take the traditional shots out of a bowling ball, and you won’t want to miss Buffalo wings in the home of Buffalo wings.

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