Is "MUSLIM" the New "BLACK"?
Before we begin here, let's not be confused...The White House has recently re-nigged on their original claim that there needs to be a "Muslim Ban".. although expressed as such several times by now President Donald Trump during his campaign for President...
Violinist Wows
This Monday's Motivation comes from a young, black violinist who reminds us that we are never too young to live out our dreams. Watch his viral video of performing at Radio City Hall at just 4 years old!
Black Woman Discovers She's White!
Seventy-two-year-old Verda Byrd grew up thinking she was a black woman, but she recently discovered a huge secret. In 2013, she learned she was born "white". Apparently Byrd was adopted in the 1940s by two black parents, who never told her her birth parents were white.
White Woman Speaks Truth! [vid]
Penny Hess is Chairwoman of African People's Solidarity Committee and is on a mission to get other white people to understand if they're not part of the solution, they're part of the problem of racism and injustice in America! Watch her powerful speech.
Rush Says: "NO BLACK 007"!!
Rush Limbaugh says NO WAY... James Bond has always been a White Scottish Guy.... but Sony Pictures is suggesting a change... a BLACK 007!!!!!
And Guess Who???? (What are your thoughts...WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW)>>>>
Skating Starr Olympics 2018?
Who says black girls can't ice skate! 13 yr old competitive figure skater Starr Andrew has her sights on the 2018 Olympics. Watch her viral video of her skating to Whip Your Hair and see how she is inspiring the next generation.

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