Earlier this year I visited a spa in Atlanta and I was very interested in a service they offered in which women sat on chairs with holes in the seat and steamed their lady party with herbs. What piqued my curiosity even more was that there was a waiting list hours long to get their turn due to its health benefits  so I knew it had to be something great. This service was called Yoni Steaming. I didn’t  get the chance to try it but always wondered what I was missing out on! So I was elated when a mom by the name of Nina Marie contacted me and stated she was planning to open a Yoni Steaming business right here in Buffalo , NY.

So Far since her launch, she’s transitionining smoothly from the real estate business to a business of her very own, Divinity Holistics & Beauty. I had the wonderful opportunity to try out her Yoni Steaming services and was blown away! She offers other services at her business as well and also focuses on your inner well-being as well during your visit with her. Listen in to this week’s episode to hear about my own personal experience and also learn all about Nina Marie, the services she offers, how she entered into such a unique business and the steps it took her to get where she is today!




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