Whoever said R&B was dead is clearly mistaken. There's been an influx of super talented up and coming R&B artists emerging on the music scene and they certainly did not come to play! One artist in-particular has been recently featured on several #1 singles including DJ Khaled's "God Did" and Lil Baby's "Forever" and he isn't letting up with his latest single release "Don't Give It Away" featuring none other than Chris Brown. The two linked up and created a melodic vibe for the the summer and it has definitely secured a spot for Fridayy on the hottest R&B artists list just incase his previous works weren't enough.

Our very own Radio ReddRoxx caught up with Fridayy on her show last Sunday to talk about his new single, how other artists can get their foot in the door and what fans can expect from the Philadelphia, PA native, check it out below!

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