DJ Wire Talks Dreams, Goals And G Codes With ADRI.V
Welcome to The G Code Podcast with ADRI.V Episode 88 with DJ Wire, DJ and Radio Personality on 93.7 WBLK and XXL Higher Level Radio 
We all know him as DJ Wire as he welcomes us to Wires World but when I first met him I remember him as a young Brice with a heavy desire to DJ...
The G Code With ADRI.V Podcast: Episode 76 The GRAMMYs [AUDIO]
Every Wednesday experience the unlocking of secrets to success, how to handle the worst and the best life throws at you. Get past The Pretty; the glitz and the glam that many see on social media. The Ugly; the bedrock beginnings and hard times that are difficult that make you question your path...
Memorial Day Mix
Thank you for another amazing Memorial Day Throwback Mix Weekend! Now you can listen to Friday's 4pm - 6pm mix with DJ Heat & Jazzy T on demand. Get it here.

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