'SANDY SPEAKS' - The Sandra Bland Facebook Videos!
It's somewhat surreal that Sandra Bland recorded a number of videos prior to her untimely death while in jail in a Texas Holding Cell.  Her videos address the condition of Depression but regarding that topic, Sandra Bland offers much encouragement to persons dealing with it.
Details On Pawn Shop Suicide [VIDEO]
This morning a man walked into a pawn shop in downtown Buffalo, took hostages before turning the gun on himself. Details about his motivation and mental state of mind have been released. Get them here.
Is this Why He Committed Suicide?
After news broke that Robin Williams committed suicide by hanging, we found out that there was no note left – leaving us to wonder drove him to end his own life. Today his widow shared some info that Robin was not ready to share with the public...
Robin Williams Dead at 63
The oscar winning comedic Robin Williams was found dead this morning in his bay area home at the age of 63. Williams was found unconscious and not breathing where he was pronounced dead after emergency responders arrived at the scene.
A press release from the Marin County Coroner's Sheriff'…

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