It's somewhat surreal that Sandra Bland recorded a number of videos prior to her untimely death while in jail in a Texas Holding Cell.  Her videos address the condition of Depression but regarding that topic, Sandra Bland offers much encouragement to persons dealing with it.

Do these video seem to be representative of a person who would kill themselves? Could it be that Sandra Bland DID commit suicide to draw attention to her arrest and the condition of 'DEPRESSION', ironically making her a HERO of sorts.

I'm suggeesting Sandra Bland is a Modern Day Hero based upon the notion if she were alive and well as we speak would any of her Social Media Videos EVER be viewed by anyone other than possibly her family and close friends....and even then what impact would any of the videos have?

People take Mental Health for granted, especially when it's in the form of depression because many people deal with this condition but are able to manage with no one knowing anything about what the person is going through.  So a video posted on Social Media by a person dealing with depression is pretty much looked upon as not much of anything to be concerned with regarding that person possibly killing themselves.

I can imagine Sandra Bland being so depressed ... ALL OVER AGAIN ... (relative to a prior but recent stint with depression and based upon her current arrest, bail set, inability to easily reach family and friends in order to post bail, and her confusion regarding having to sit in jail for an extended period based upon a trivial traffic stop, and having to miss her first day at work upon landing a brand new job)...that she would attempt suicide as she had allegedly done before.

This situation is VERY UNFORTUNATE and instead of trying ONLY figure out what really happened to Sandra Bland, while in police custody, I think there should be mandatory regulations regarding how jails are designed such that officers can SEE and MONITOR person who have been jailed, ESPECIALLY in a Holding Cell capacity!

Sandra Bland can no longer speak ... but Social Media is doing a Great Job Speaking for her:




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