This is a very sensitive subject as well as a sad one as a 73 Year-Old Santo Coke, according to News Reports, apparently attempted suicide by voluntarily blowing up his home.  Not only did his suicide efforts fail, the explosion leveled his home and severely damaged neighbors' homes as well as caused them injuries.

It's hard to feel badly or sorry for a 73 Year-Old man trying to take his own life and instead not only injuring others but also leaving peoples homes with $100,000 damage and another neighbors home having to be demolished, according to News Reports.  However, at the same time, you almost have to feel badly when anyone even considers suicide, not to mention actually attempt it.  It's selfish....but sad at the same time.

The irony here is that since Santo Coke's attempt at suicide has led him smack dab into probably a more miserable life than the one he attempted to throw away and end.  Now, according to News Reports, Santo Coke will be arraigned in his hospital room where he is healing as best he can.

This is just sad all the way around.  People have lost their homes, including the perpetrator's right along with them, people were injured...including Mr. Coke, and now this gentleman will experience somewhat of a Living Death as his freedom will soon be stripped away in lieu of jail-time...that gotta be rough at 73


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