This is major News but the weird thing is that I could not find anything on YouTube regarding the incident.  Normally news stories are easily found on YouTube, especially tragic news of this magnitude whereas there's a suicide death in an Erie County Holding Cell.

There's often skepticism regarding Jail deaths and Erie County is no stranger to that skepticism as there have been other alleged suicides over the years where family members and the general public have been leery of accepting 'suicide' as the cause of death:


Here's another video of alleged abuse within the Erie County Holding Center:


According to WGRZ Channel 2 News, they questioned Sheriff Tim Howard and posed this question to him:

"What's your reaction to the public perception out there that inmates constantly die at the holding center?"

According to WGRZ, this was Sheriff Tim Howard's response to the question:

"Bad things happen in jails because of the people who are sent to jail. We make reasonable efforts to prevent bad things from happening." 

The WGRZ News Article regarding this incidents reveals that, according to the Erie County Prisoners Rights Coalition, this makes at least 23 inmate deaths since 2009, the latest inmate death this past Sunday.

Also, according to the WGRZ New Story, Karima Amin, the president of Prisoners Are People Too, Inc. shared this comment:

"There's been criminalization of people confined there's been marginalization of people confined and unfortunately people have been dehumanized and more than anything that's the biggest problem,"

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