A 28-year-old woman named Sandra Bland died in jail after being arrested on a routine traffic stop in Waller County, Texas. Police are saying she committed suicide by hanging herself.

Bland was reportedly pulled over last week for improper signaling while switching lanes. Authorities are saying the dash cam shows the officer asking Bland to put out a cigarette, but she refused.

He then forced her out of the car. Video recorded off a civilian cell phone, shows a State Trooper with his knee in Sandra's back before she was arrested for assault on a police officer. You can hear Sandra crying, "I cant hear, he slammed my head into the ground".

Sandra has been very vocal in speaking out against police brutality and Black Lives Matter campaign. She just moved to Texas from Chicago to start a new job at Prairie View A&M University.

Bland was found dead hanging in her cell 3 days later. It has been ruled a homicide. Her family and most of the public are not convinced and wants to know what really happened. The jail is facing scrutiny for not checking on their inmates. A rep said officers did check on Bland, but only used an intercom system instead of in-person inspection as required. This an an outrage!

Watch a part of the video of the traffic stop below:

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