This morning a man walked into a pawn shop in downtown Buffalo, took hostages before turning the gun on himself. Details about his motivation and mental state of mind have been released. Get them here.

The roads to work were all blocked off this afternoon so I walked down Main St until I reached Lafayette Square where the climax of today's headlining story was unfolding. The S.W.A.T. team had just moved in after waiting four hours for the man to peacefully turn himself in. Two hostages were behind the bullet proof glass while a third was in the main showroom with the suspect.

The 36-year-old Hamburg man inside the MetroLoan Pawnbrokers shot himself in the head. It is unclear if this was done while S.W.A.T. moved in to remove hostages from the shop on the first block of Broadway near Lafayette Square or before the team moved in. None of the three hostages were injured.


Buffalo Police say the man had an argument with his girlfriend and said he was going to harm himself before coming into the city around 9:30 a.m. The man came into the pawn shop and asked to see a shotgun, which he then loaded with a shell from his own pocket!

Can you believe that!! A four hour standoff that included armored trucks, helicopters, snipers on the roof, buses and traffic redirected and thousands of dollars spent all for one suicidal man with one bullet!! That ish cray!

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