You may have been extremely excited upon hearing this news that Niagara Falls is not only getting its first Cannabis Store, but it also opens today.

The company opening the Cannabis store is called Cannabis Choom, according to reports.

Chris Gagan, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Choom, commented.

"It's an evolution from the olden days of when you might have gotten cannabis from the street. We've got a beautiful retail location here." 

The Cannabis Choom Owner, Lisa Bigioni, said this about her new store:

"There's a wide variety of people that use cannabis for a number of different reasons and I wanted to support that. This is one way, sort of being out in the open and a very warm, inviting space, that I think is welcoming for people to come and purchase cannabis."

Now don't get too overly excited about this news.  The Cannabis Choom store is in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and you're *WARNED* that you cannot take any cannabis back to the U.S.


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