When you hear about or see someone you know, or even someone you don't, who's from your Hometown or simply lived where do, you feel connected and somewhat a part of what they're doing...or at least, Proud.

Well if you're reading this and live in Rochester, NY or, even better yet, went to Brighton High School in Rochester, or are a Buffalonian, or went to the University of Buffalo, you'll be PROUD to learn that M'Baku (Winston Duke), is a Graduate of Brighton High School in Rochester, NY as well as a Graduate and an alumnus of the BA Theatre Program at UB, according to Wikipedia and University of Buffalo Department of Theater and Dance... AND... is one of the Stars in the Blockbuster Marvel Comic Books Smash Hit Movie, BLACK PANTHER.

According to Wikipedia, Winston Duke is from Argyle, Tobago and then moved to the United States with his Mom and his sister at the age of nine.  Duke graduated from Brighton High School in Rochester, NY in 2004, and the BA Theatre Program at UB's, Department of Theater & Dance before attending Grad School and earning his MFA (Master of Fine Arts Degree) at the Yale School of Drama where he ironically met another Yale student by the name of  Lupita Nyong'o, who plays Nakia in the Black Panther movie alongside Winston.

Getty Images / Rich Polk
Getty Images / Rich Polk

Winston Duke's Black Panther character, M'Baku, plays a major role in Black Panther as Leader of the Jabari Tribe.  According to Wikipedia, M'Baku means Ape-Man, which is a fictional character who 1st appeared in the Avengers Marvel Comic #62 (March 1969) with the following Powers & Abilities:

The Man-Ape gained superhuman powers by consuming the flesh of a sacred white gorilla and bathing in white gorilla blood, enchanting him through the mystical transference of the abilities of the rare Wakandan white gorilla. M'Baku's mystically augmented powers include superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina and durability equal to that of the mystical Wakandan white gorilla.  He has extensive formal military training in hand-to-hand combat from the Wakandan Royal Militia.

Not only is Winston's M'Baku character bold in the Black Panther movie, that same boldness reaches beyond the film and into real life, as Winston explains (in an Esquire Magazine interview) that the movie questions the ideas expressed within President 'Donald Trump's America'.   


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