I'm going to relay this information very reluctantly.  I'll explain in a moment but first I'll begin by simply saying, a website called RoadSnacks has created a 'LIST' of the 'Worst Neighborhoods in Buffalo' using, as they state it in their article,  a scientific analysis based on real data (which is supposedly) completely unbiased.  Hmmm...let's start there; a 'COMPLETELY UNBIASED ANALYSIS' using 'COMPLETELY UNBIASED DATA'.  Now let's examine the criteria used to create this 'UNBIASED ANALYSIS'.

Here is the Criteria used: (according to the article posted on their website, RoadSnacks.net)

So this 'Criteria" is not biased?  How can you possibly do an analysis of the WORST NEIGHBORHOODS without being relatively bias?  For instance, this 'list' is not derived using the following Criteria:

  • Happiness
  • Contenment
  • Family Values Inside the Home
  • Religious Influence and Access to it
  • Quality of Life (based upon what the people in these neighborhoods consider 'QUALITY')

Let's talk about the later: 'Quality of Life' (based upon what the people in these neighborhoods consider 'QUALITY')

The 'scientific unbiased analysis' used Low Median Income as one of the Criteria to create 'their' list, but what if the Culture, in one's neighborhood, is wonderful and 'appropriate', regarding what an individual is used to and content with, regardless of their 'Income Level'.

I just happen to be familiar with the neighborhoods this website has deemed 'THE WORST', and I know people in these neighborhoods who are 100% happy with their surroundings and happy with the lifestyle they provide for themselves with a 'Low Median Income'.  So imposing one's own ideas as to what is BAD, another word for THE WORST, on someone else's situation, is nothing short of BIAS.  I could go on and examine the other 'BIASED' Criteria using the same type of considerations relative to individual preference, but I think you get the idea.

So moving forward with this BIASED list of the 'WORST NEIGHBORHOODS IN BUFFALO', please keep in mind that this is someone's opinion based upon what they deem Good & Great vs Bad & Terrible...which residents in these neighborhoods may strongly disagree with.

Lastly, for the writers of the article, having used their scientific analysis based on real data, I would say to you...HOGWASH.  I personally lived in and was raised in what you deem 'THE HOOD' and was extremely happy with my surroundings, home life, friends, immediate family, belongings, and whatever else you DIDN'T use as Criteria for your 'findings'.  The article is actually offensive, as the outcome of your 'list' is comprised of neighborhoods which are ALL PREDOMINANTLY BLACK.  The list is based upon Criteria in which you people consider unsatisfactory for yourselves without realizing or taking into consideration that everyone is NOT trying to, or aspiring to, be like YOU.

Ok...whew...since that's off my chest, we can continue with this 'Biased List of the Worst Neighborhoods in Buffalo'.

Here's 'THEIR" List: (according to RoadSnacks.net):  'The 10 Worst Neighborhoods in Buffalo'

1. Babcock

Population: 3,614
Median Income: $25,615
Median Home Value: $30,300

2. Emerson

Population: 2,064
Median Income: $18,191
Median Home Value: $25,560

3. Broadway-Fillmore

Population: 7,761
Median Income: $18,161
Median Home Value: $30,171

4. First Ward

Median Income: $28,550
Median Home Value: $25,700

5. Cold Spring

Population: 497
Median Income: $20,836
Median Home Value: $59,850

6. South Ellicott

Population: 2,647
Median Income: $21,840
Median Home Value: $38,450

7. Mlk Park

Population: 2,709
Median Income: $18,493
Median Home Value: $28,640

8. Masten Park

Population: 3,033
Median Income: $21,763
Median Home Value: $42,933

9. Valley

Population: 672
Median Income: $28,279
Median Home Value: $48,500

10. Emslie

Population: 1,523
Median Income: $28,237
Median Home Value: $39,300

Well that's the list and if you happen to live in any of the neighborhoods within this list, your BEST or WORST is not contingent upon or determined by anyone other than yourself...PERIOD.  Your life is a Blessing, and the things you have should be cherished without comparison.  With that, God Bless YOU and your Wonderful  Neighborhood...wherever it may be.

Respectfully, here's a link to the full article below:

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