The R. Kelly Saga has some local ties, but fortunately, this story is a good and uncomplicated one, whereas a Local Singer, Amber Simone, was contacted by an R. Kelly representative and invited to meet with "Robert".  The Blessing for Buffalo's Amber Simone, aside from her fantastic voice, is her humble Mom, you'll soon find out why, via the News Video below.  I just have to say that  Amber's Mom is not only obviously supportive of her daughter, she must also be the type of Mom to want's Amber to get all of the recognition, because her name is never mentioned in the news clip...I'm gonna go out on a limb and discern that amber's Mom requested such.

WGRZ's Claudine Ewing continues Amber Simone's story from 2015 when WGRZ initially covered this local singer who is now 23 and still going strong...without R.Kelly.  The video below will explain how a YouTube Video of Amber, singing at a Graduation Party, went viral and was seen by R.Kelly I imagine, thus the explanation for his camp reaching out to Amber.  This young lady's story is an amazing one, not only because she's a Gifted Singer, or because she thwarted meeting R.Kelly,  but also because she suffered from an ailment as a child that made it very unlikely that she'd eventually become a Singer.


Upon seeing this Local News story on WGRZ as you just watched it, I was curious to hear Amber's music.  I went to YouTibe and typoed in Amber Simone and after that, my ears were blown away.  The Hidden Buffalo Talent can "SANGGGG" as they say.  Check out her music below.

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