I've been noticing the talent in upstate so we here at Power 93.7FM created a platform to spotlight the next superstar Queen City style. This week the “TALK OF THE TOWN” “716 SPOTLIGHT” comes this way from Buffalo, N.Y. 23 year old internet sensation Amber Simone. This beautiful young talented singer/song writer became an online stand out after a video of her singing at a friends graduation party hit over two million views in 2015. With that instant recognition she was offered contracts, interviews, live tv performances and more. How ever everything that glitters ain't gold; she also had a weird encounter with an associate of R.Kelly who tired to connect Amber to R.Kelly directly, in 2015 when amber was just 19 years old. We cover all of that and more as she gets ready to drop her new project March 22, 2019. To see her growth from that poolside video to now is amazing and I truly feel like where just scratching the surface on the talents of Amber Simone. Plus to be so talented and humble is a rarity in this game but Amber pull's it off effortlessly. Check out her interview and music below.

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Simone first broke as a internet sensation in 2015 when a video of her singing at a friend's graduation party went viral.

I think when I hit a mil, that's when I was like, 'Oh that's cool." And then when I was getting tagged...I was like, "Ohhhh a lot of people ARE seeing this." That's a good feeling. So then when it bumped to like 2 mil, I think that's when I started to really get excited. I think that's when...things I felt started to fall into place...I mean, everyone has a dream of being a singer.


With that much immediate success, it had to be difficult not to jump at the first offer that came through. But it was her family that kept her on track:

I wanted to do it...I wanted to do it so badly. I'm like, "Everybody that did me dirty, HAHA." But they wanted me to finish school so badly. Looking back on it now I am extremely grateful. Yes college is stressful, but I've also seen so many stories and heard so many stories about...people dropping people from labels.


Simone also had a pretty close call with a bad situation. After her video went viral she was contacted by a woman who turned out to be an associate of R. Kelly's:

She reposted my video and she messaged me..."Oh but I really want to introduce you to one of my friends...R.Kelly." At that moment, I literally wanted to die, I'm like, "No way."


What started off as a seemingly great opportunity soon turned strange and eventually got uncomfortable.

She knows him because she had an affair with him...and wrote a book on it...she was like "He didn't answer his cell phone but I'm gonna call his house phone." At that moment, something just...in my gut, I was like, "I don't know about this." My mom's like..."Hang up that phone right now." I didn't want to hang that phone up at all. "She's like no, hang it up." So I'm just like...click.



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