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With school being officially out for the summer, you might still be looking for something to keep your little ones active and busy and if so you're in luck! Meet Lala Woods, a fitness and dance instructor who while on her own journey to being fit and healthy, she decided to start a company dedicated to helping others do the same! I caught up the well-known dance fitness guru to not only learn more about some exciting programs she's offering for the summer, but about her company La'Movement Fitness as a whole because what she's doing and offering to help keep our Buffalo community fit is pretty amazing;

REDDROXX: Hey Lala! I love what you're doing to help keep the community fit! I'm curious to know how you started your fitness journey to begin with?
LALA : I started considering my unhealthy lifestyle & its effects on me in 2008, I found my fitness niche about 2010 when I reconnected with DANCE as a major. After struggling with my overall regime & starting to see consistent results people started to inquire "how i did it".  I wanted to help people who looked like me and may have had some of the same struggles with wellness due to the social, economic and cultural issues that plague our community. I got certified to teach the hottest dance fit craze around but it didn't suit the demographic I was teaching so I started to develop programs that represented what my tribe asked for directly or may have needed and La'Movement was born in 2013. 
RR: That's amazing! What made you want to offer your fitness services to other people?
L: It was requested by the community after seeing my personal weight loss success. I had worked in customer service for over 10 years at that point and a passion for helping people and dancings. I combined the two, to give the people what they were asking for. It was the most fulfilling thing I had done and I haven't looked back since. 

RR: Makes perfect sense. It's a blessing to have found your niche and calling. So what services do you offer to those looking to shed a few pounds?
L: We offer Dance and Fitness services , classes, and wellness based events
Adult dance fitness 
Dance HIIT
A women empowerment Wellness Xperience called " La'X " 
Dance Booty Bands
Hip Hop
Line Dancing
Kids Dance Fitness
Kids Hip Hop
Pilates/ Yoga
Corporate and Community wellness classes
Choreography (weddings, personal, Stage shows)
Birthday Dance parties (kids and adults) full service
Sports Clinics through the G.U.G.A Foundation
Speaking and Hosting engagements 
RR: That's a lot of great options you're offering! In addition to your regular services you're also offering some dope summer programs as well, what are they and how can one sign up for it?
L: Yes in Partnership with United Way Girls in Sports we have two sports clinics available in 2021. 
1. You Can Dance Girl: A Mommy & me clinic that focuses not only on dance as a sport but exposes participants to multiple dance styles and skills while interacting as a family. This clinic is 6 weeks and started 7.10.21. We actually had a few spots open up and can fit in 5 participants. If interested they can email us
These clinic are held in person every Saturday at 11:30am , with virtual participation during th

e week. 

2. Just Roll With It: A roller skating clinic which will teach safety and skills of the sports as well as expose participants to black culture in the roller skating arena. This clinic will take place on Tuesday 6pm at Rainbow Rink and will also have a virtual component. Registration is still open for this clinic which starts 8.3.21. We are also taking adult volunteers to be a part of this clinic since we currently have room for 50 participants. To register your child or become a volunteer they can do so htps:// 
RR: You definitely seem to have this fitness thing down to a science!Are there any other services you would like to be able to offer in the future?
L: We'd love to add virtual components to all our services and  Clinics for our adult clients as well.
That would be a great move! How/where can we learn more about La'Movement Fitness?
Visit our website for upcoming community events were involved in, classes, workshops and clinics 


LMF Team
716-24L-MOVE (245-6683)
3842 Harlem Rd ste 400-168
Cheektowaga NY 14215
Visit our website:

"To inspire & motivate the community to live a healthier lifestyle by becoming more active"

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