Dad Does Nae Nae [VID]
Silento's hit song and dance "Watch Me" has thousands of kids and teens making their own fan videos but when this little girl's dad jumps in, he steals the show with his cowboy hat and wrangler jeans! You've never seen the Nae Nae dance quite like this before.
Watch Me Whip! [video]
Check out the Dynamic Divas Drill Team and the drum line of Hartford's Pride whip and Nae Nae in this impromtu dance battle.
"Where Dey At Doe?" [Viral Video]
I drove up to my daughter's school like "Where Dey At Doe"? Come to find out there's no school on Election Day. So we went home and started watching funny videos on Facebook and found News Anchor Dan Thron dancing to a mash-up of T.I. and Bobby Shmurda and it literally ga…
A 6-Figure Income Doing What?
Really!!!??? I can't find fault with Jessica Vanessa and her profession... I have a problem with the MEN who make what she does WORTH A SIX FIGURE INCOME!!!!  Jessica Vanessa is a 22 Year-Old PROFESSIONAL TWERKER!!!!!
Guys really PAY MONEY to watch her videos online and in person...
Jazzy T Swing Dance [VIDEO]
On Friday Sept 5th 2014, ya girl Jazzy T took on several Local TV hosts in a Celebrity Ballroom Competition to raise money and awareness for Suneel's Light Foundation.Watch the video inside!

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