"He took his last breath out there on my pavement.  They slammed him on the ground face down, and I'm out there screaming and hollering saying please, y'all don't hurt my son, don't you all kill my son.  He tried to get up and they body slammed him down again. And then, they had that gun thing. Taser. It broke on my child they did it so many times."

These are the words of Fatima Hodge, according to a WGRZ news story after learning that her son Troy Hodge had died after an encounter with the Lockport Police which she witnessed first hand.


Troy's Mom, Fatima Hodge, went on to say:

"I'm not blaming. I'm saying my son didn't try to hurt no police. He was trying to get up to help his mother, to save his mother, because he knew he wasn't himself. And they, it doesn't take 5, or 4, or 3 to do what they did to my child. No need to take that, they need to talk."

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