Deadly Buffalo Hit & Run
There've been a rash of Hit & Run accidents in Buffalo as of late with yet another over the weekend.  I feel compelled to write about this particular Hit & Run because I actually saw it happen ... something I wish I had never witnessed.
Al Jarreau DIes
Legendary Jazz Singer Al Jarreau has died.  The details of his death are not available yet but News Reports say he had been suffering from respiratory and heart problems lately.
16 Year-Old Found Dead
I just don't understand.  How does a 16 Year-Old boy end up dead in a vacant lot ANYWHERE in Buffalo and no one knows anything??????  That's simply called BS...and you know what I'm saying.
Isn't the Buffalo Community sick and tired?  A boy who has barely begun his …
WNYers Buying Up Prince Music
Prince Music is not, and has not always been, easy to find unless you're buying it.  Prince is the one Artist who took a stance regarding having his music anywhere and everywhere online for public consumption.  You'd be hard-pressed to find a copy of even the Most Popular Prince …
Prince is dead at 52. The legendary singer was reportedly found dead in his Minnesota home on Thursday after being briefly hospitalized for flu-like symptoms last week.
The story is still developing.
Rest in peace, Prince.
3 Geneseo Students Found Dead
This is tragic! Three Geneseo Students, two active student athletes and one former student were found dead in Geneseo yesterday.  It's shocking news for the Geneseo Community where crime is virtually non-existent.

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