Eminem just released a new single in which he claims to be the greatest rapper of all time:

They keep on saying the same rappers are the best/ Jay-Z and Kanye West/ Maybe they’re just trying to distract you from the fact that I’m coming back/ Or maybe it’s cause I ain’t black/ Maybe it’s because of that/ Maybe it’s because I’m the highest selling artist in rap.

Team WBLK begs to differ -- here's who we think should really get the honor of best MC ever:

Chris Says: Rakim

"His content means something. It's not all about album sales…it's about his ability to rap about things that are real versus materialism."

Kole Says: Vanilla Ice

"He's from the hood, so he knows what he's talking about. All the girls used to love him and still do and he was there at the beginning of the whole situation. He's the one that taught most of the other rappers."

Mike Says: Jay-Z

"He makes it seem effortless; he can pretty much talk about anything and elaborate on it with style. He's got longevity and I don't ever really see him fading unless he wants to fade."

Wild Card: Maya Angelou

Tell us what you think -- who's the best rapper of all time?