Today is National Black Poetry Day...a day that honors Black Poets past and present and according to it celebrates the importance of black heritage and literacy and the contributions made by black poets. It is a day to appreciate black authors.

We know Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou and Paul Laurence Dunbar, three of the more notable and well known names among Black Poets but we should know more about and never ignore the accomplishments of all Black Poets today including the first published black poet in the United States, Jupiter Hammon, born in Long Island, New York, on October 17, 1711. In honor of Hammon’s birth, Black Poetry Day is celebrated to honor the contributions of all African Americans within the world of poetry.

If you have Poetry you'd like to share, please submit your poetry in the 'COMMENTS SECTION' below.  You can be of any race, creed, religion or nationality and thanks in advance for sharing your work!


Here's an amazing animated version of Paul Laurence Dunbar reciting his poem:

"Sympathy" - "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"

Maya Angelou's Version of - "I Know Why The Caged bird Sings":



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