When I heard Tom Joyner report the news that Maya Angelou had passed at the age of 86 I immediately went to the Internet looking for information to share with you.  I found a page which identified the LIST OF LEGENDARY POETS.  Maya Amgelou's name appeared 1st (alphabetically) on the list still showing 1928 - Present, as they had probably not yet received the news of her passing... and although  MAYA ANGELOU has passed; it was more than appropriate that there was no closing date with respect to her passing on because her Spirit and Poetry will live forever.

Maya Angelou's life was far from the norm... hers was a life of dedication and influence which will live on and on through her Words of Wisdom and also through the lives of those she's touched who have become successful SOLELY because of her overwhelming Character, Leadership and Example.

Maya Angelou was very active on Twitter and her last Tweet was on May 23, reading:




Maya Angelou - On the Pulse of Morning

Listen to the poem Maya Angelou read at President Bill Clinton’s inauguration on January 20, 1993.

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