As usual, things are poppin' in Brian's World; Here's what happened yesterday:

 The Visa Report

Michelle Visa had me dying today for some reason... Busta in tax trouble like everyone else, 50 Cent threw the worst pitch in the history of life on earth, more ratchery on Reality TV... I Love this planet... This and more inside The Visa Report!!


 All- Star Callers

An amazing conversation with a shout out wanter and the winner for the Hot 7 at 7... Also a little interaction from both Michelle Visa and DJ Big Rob both sitting in the studio... Check it out, Clicketh Play

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Woman Crush Wednesday

As I'm sure you have heard, the legendary Maya Angelou passed away yesterday at the full age of 86. Thinking about the amazing life she led, all of the hearts that she encouraged, all of the people she inspired and led to better places in life, it's only proper to celebrate her amazing life. She changed the world with the power of the pen, she was my #WCW yesterday, I encourage you to read up on her bio; It'll change your life.