Not many people are carrying change these days. Because of digital coins and payments with cards and cashless options, you rarely see people paying with dollar bills or coins. But they are in rotation and as a matter of fact the quarter in the United States is about to have a new look.

The US mint has revealed their designs

One of the first things we purchased for our sons when they were born is a piggy bank. An actual piggy bank! They are a great thing for kids to have and to learn about saving money. I like the sound that it makes when pennies dimes nickels and quarters are placed in the piggy bank and click around. But in the future will kids be using that type of thing any longer? Call me old school but I still enjoy having cash on hand for things.

But times have changed and cashless options had become a thing of the present. The COVID-19 pandemic really made us all aware of what we put in our hands and where germs might be coming from. There was also a coin shortage that was happening during the height of the pandemic. Many of the restaurants that you went to including Tim Horton's would encourage you to use credit or some other cashless payment because of the coin shortage.

The new quarters look fantastic and for those who are collectors it’s going to be a great opportunity to update your coin collection.

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