The COVID-19 pandemic rolls on here in 2021 and even though the Yellow and Orange Zones restrictions have been lifted, there is a new strain that is popping up in the Western New York area this week.

Governor Cuomo said on Wednesday that we know of a few cases in New York State of the newest strains of the COVID virus and it looks like Niagara County has at least one of them.

The best way to fight this, according to officials, is to wear your mask and continue to stay sic feet apart from others. Testing is still recommended of you are not feeling well and have COVID related symptoms.

The state may have lifted the Orange and Yellow Zones but the curfew is still in place. 10pm is the time that stays as the time that restaurants are required to shut down. There are a few places that are taking the state to court over the curfew. It may be a tough battle since the Governor said that the curfew won't be going away anytime soon.

As we wait for the vaccine to be in better supply and distributed in New York, many business owners are trying to adjust the ups and down of the restrictions.

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