First of all, kudos to Regal Theatres for coming up with a plan that literally allows me to afford seeing more than 1 movie per week.  The Regal Unlimited™ Movie Subscription Pass gives me the opportunity to pay about $23 per month and see as many movies playing at Regal as I wish.

There are different tiers and programs and since I only frequent the Regal Niagara Falls & Screen X, I am able to take advantage of the subscription relative to that specific Theater.  If I wanted to have access to any Regal Theater I can upgrade, or if I wanted to have access to any Regan Theater in the U.S., I can choose to upgrade to that subscription.  I choose to conveniently pay my subscription monthly as opposed to paying for an entire year.

My Regal Unlimited™ Movie Subscription Pass allowed me to see the movies below.  I've given each some tomatoes, and I will quickly hand out up to five spoiled tomatoes if the movie is equivalent to a spoiled tomato in your could have a hint of mold or possibly a glob of slimy mold.  Conversely, if the movie is excellent it'll get up to 5 Cherry Red Ripe Tomatoes.

My Weekend Movies: 

Joker:  5 Ripe Tomatoes   

Many times with movies that are video representations of a Comic Book Series, you have to have read the comic books to clearly understand what the heck the storyline is...but 'Joker' don't require a need to know anything about anything...on the surface.  However, while the movie has an appeal to those who know nothing about Joker, or even Batman for that matter, can enjoy this movie and learn who Joker is and how he became dd

If you're a Batman buff and are familiar with Joker, you'll experience a rendition the Joker story as to how he became what he is, as well as provide for you some interesting rBtann story references which the average moviegoer seeing this movie would not see.

Joker is such a great movie.  In addition to an unbelievable performance by Joaquin Phoenix, the movie itself is one I must go and watch again so I can clearly pull all of the pieces together...I know there b clues I missed.  I can't say enough about this action-packed but also cerebral movie.  A Masterpiece.

Gemini Man: 5 Ripe Tomatoes:

Ok, here's the deal.  I have this 'thing' regarding movies.  I don't want to hear anything about the movie prior to seeing it.  So many times movie descriptions give the whole movie away.  A Prime example is 'A Beautiful Mind".  Upon seeing that movie, I had no idea that Russel Crow was (well you know what if you've seen the movie), so it made the movie so much more interesting for me because I had no idea what to anticipate and I had no idea Russel Crowe was (you know) in the movie.

The exact thing happened upon seeing Gemini Man.  I thought that Will Smith's younger self in the movie was a good makeup job that made Will look younger and I was amazed ay how they could have both Will's on-screen at the same time.  There were a couple of times in the movie where I remember saying to myself that Will Smith's younger character looked somewhat robotic...but I just blew off.  However, near the end of the movie I realized that the young Will Smith was an animated character...but looks so completely Life-Like.

The Addams Family:  1 Ripe Tomato

I saw Addams Family yesterday on Columbus Day and the theater was packed with families... primarily families with small children.  I think parents were expecting a throwback to what The Addams Family used to be...which would was ... WEIRD.  What parents don't get is that weird is normal now and even more was one of the major messages portrayed within the movie... WEIRD is acceptable.  So kids watching this movie do not see anything they haven't seen similarly on TV or even in their own lives.  I loved the end of the movie when the old Addams Family theme song played, directly followed by the new Rap ./ HipHop Version of the Theme Song ... LOL

In terms of the movie's content, there is a storyline but either I was tired going into the movie or I'm just not into cartoons...although 'animation' is not considered a 'cartoon', it's still a bit juvenile for me.  I had to ask my Step-Grandson, Gavin, what happened at the end of the movie (while I was snoring)...and he knew EVERYTHING. while I knew nothing.  I couldn't even relate to the movie in general, much less his explanation regarding the end,

I do however recommend this movie to anyone with kids...even though they may not understand all the verbiage...which to me was more adult-oriented humor ... they will be mesmerized by the graphics and energy in the movie which were very comically elementary, as well as very visually vivid, fast-moving, and entertaining.

The Good Boys - 2 Ripe Tomatoes

The Good Boys movie was indeed 'good', but that's as far as I'll go, meaning it was nothing to write home about.  Great movies have a lasting impact, in my opinion, even if there's only one specific scene you recall.  But as I sit here wracking my brain, I cannot think of a memorable scene that 's so funny it's unforgettable. There is humor in The Good Boys, but its immediate humor with no side effects.

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