Have you seen Big Sean's new music video for "I Know"? The visual is nothing like imagined, but it's adorable. And speaking of which, watch J. Cole's "Wet Dreamz" video, which is equally unpredictable and cute.

"I know you been goin thru some thangs ...... looks like you could use a vacation," Big Sean Raps while Jhene Aiko sings along.

The video shows the pair as an elder couple living out the remainder of their days in a senior living facility. Sean then decides to take her away from the mundane routine and treats her to a night out on the town among the young folks. It's really cute!

YouTube: Big Sean I Know Video
YouTube: Big Sean I Know Video

In Case you Missed it, J Cole's "Wet Dreamz" also flipped the script by showing puppy love instead of two teenagers doing to deed for the first time. Watch this.