Teen girls in bathing suits were man handled and abused by police at an Aquatic Center outside Cinncinati, OH. The video is horrifying to watch, especially knowing their mother is six months pregnant and just trying to protect her children. Five out of eight family members ended up in the hospital after this chaotic encounter with Fairfeild Police.

Facebook: Bishop Bobby Hilton
Facebook: Bishop Bobby Hilton

This story got very little news coverage, but Bishop Bobby Hilton, PRESIDENT of GREATER CINCINNATI CHAPTER NATIONAL ACTION NETWORK, has provided a play by play of the incidents that traumatized a community who was just trying to enjoy a summer day at the pool.

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015, Krystal Dixon took her children, some nieces and nephews (a total of eight kids) to Fairfield Aquatic Center at approximately 3 p.m. The family has enjoyed this activity for years.

Krystal paid $6 each for the kids to get in and left to pick up her sister. The kids went in, and three of the kids started swimming. One of Krystal’s nephews dressed in red was stopped and told he could not be there because he did not have on proper attire. Five of the kids were still with him.

Krystal’s daughter called her and said, "We have to leave," and explained the situation. Krystal told the kids she was coming right back and had his swimming trunks with her.

Krystal returned in 10 to 15 minutes from when she received the call and went in to see what was happening.

Krystal was told that the one young man did not have on proper attire but he got in the pool anyhow. (There's no water on him.) Staff told her someone must have made a mistake, but the kids were still ordered to leave because of how they acted when the one kid was told he did not have proper attire.


This is the first video of incident at Fairfield Aquatic Center June 9, 2015 involving a mother, her sister and eight kids. Judge for yourself.

Posted by Bishop Bobby Hilton on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Krystal in a very quiet, calm voice asked if she could get her money back since she had paid almost $50 for all the kids and they had been there less than an hour. A female attendant told her she could not give her money back. Krystal did not argue about the money.

The staff DID NOT ask Krystal to leave. However, she decided it was best to get the other kids who were already swimming and leave.

As Krystal walked toward the pool area, although Krystal had NOT been ordered to leave by any staff, an officer attempted to grab her and he asked what she was doing?

Krystal asked the officer not to touch her and proceeded to get the other kids. The officer followed her.

The kids who came in with Krystal saw what happened between Krystal and the officer and ran toward her filming with a cell phone.

A ranger took out handcuffs. One of the kids asked what he was going to do with them. The ranger said arrest if they did not leave. Krystal’s daughter told the ranger she was waiting on her mother.

Krystal called the kids who were swimming and in less than 60 seconds was headed back out.

As she was heading out, the police officer asked her for ID. Krystal said she did not have ID. (She was in swimming attire)

The officer asked her name and grabbed her arm. She asked the officer to get off of her. The kids began to say, "get off of my mom".

The officer said he asked her to leave and she refused to leave. (I suppose she was expected to leave the other kids there.)

At this point, instead of the officer allowing the family to leave, he grabbed Krystal’s arm tightly. The kids started asking the officer to get off of her. (I did not hear one curse word from any kid.) Here the situation begins to escalate because Krystal was not permitted to leave.

Second Video Starts Here

Second Video of Fairfield Aquatic Center Incident.

Posted by Bishop Bobby Hilton on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A police officer grabbed the 12-year-old girl by the neck and slammed her against a car.
One of the female teenagers videotaping the event was pepper sprayed and ended up in the hospital to get her eyes rinsed.

I looked for kids fighting officers. I did see a child looking to be seven or eight years old, touching an officer who was holding someone.

You will see Krystal’s sister holding on to a gate to stay near her sister.

As this video ends, you will see Krystal’s sister placed on the ground and she is asking, why is she being arrested?

This is answered on the next and final video.

Third Video of Fairfield Aquatic Center Incident.

Posted by Bishop Bobby Hilton on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Maya asked why is she being arrested? You will hear female officer answer, “YOU ARE NOT BEING ARRESTED, YOU ARE BEING DETAINED."

However, by the time they stood her up, she was arrested. I suppose for holding on to the gate.

Maya said she was protecting her family, and nobody cares that the woman is pregnant.

12 year old girl in hospital after suffering injuries by Fairfield Police at Fairfield Aquatic Center. I had never met...

Posted by Bishop Bobby Hilton on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The 12-year-old girl sustained multiple injuries. Krystal is 6 months pregnant and was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Police pepper sprayed this girl and all she did is film the incident! She had to have tubes placed in her eyes at the hospital to rinse her eyes out!

What do you think? Was this excessive? Could the cops have done more to diffuse the situation?

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