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Single Moms Too?
We've often heard that a single mom does the work of both parents, but should Mom celebrate Father's Day? Hallmark thinks so and has responded with holiday greeting cards to fit the occasion.
Rachel Quits NAACP Job [VIDEO]
After becoming the face of an International race debate, Rachel Dolezal has stepped down from her position as President of a Washington NAACP Chapter. Hear from her in her own words here.
Ask Him To Marry You? [POLL]
As a man, would you take your bride's last name? As a woman, would you ask your man to marry you? Seems like a couple of silly questions but more and more couples are breaking the mode and doing what they feel is right. Check this out!
Sean Gives Back BIG
One man can change the World! Big Sean inspired thousands as he unveiled the new recording studio inside his old high school, Cass Tech in Detroit.
Al Sharpton In Buffalo
With hightened tension between Police officers and members of Black & Brown communities, 250 judges, attorneys and other leaders from around the country will meet in Buffalo June 10 - 13 to improve law enforcement and police-community relations. Rev Al Sharpton will serve as keynote speaker.
Cheerleader Remix
In April 2014 I named Jamacian artist OMI's Cheerleader #1 on Jazzy's Top 5 Jamz of the week and today June 9th 2015 he finds success on US Charts, coming in at #4 on iTunes thanks to a funky remix. Check this out!
12 Of Hip Hop’s Hottest Songs Done Theater Style! [VIDEO]
So you don't think Fetty Wap could do Broadway? How about T Pain or Nicki Minaj? Check out this hilarious "Hip Hop Goes Broadway" Video - You might like these versions better than the originals! Broadway theaters drew more than 13 million attendees - a new record - and sold $1...
White Woman Speaks Truth! [vid]
Penny Hess is Chairwoman of African People's Solidarity Committee and is on a mission to get other white people to understand if they're not part of the solution, they're part of the problem of racism and injustice in America! Watch her powerful speech.
TSA Fails 67/70 Safety Tests [VIDEO]
Summer Vacation traveling is a headache, especially if it involves a trip to the airport. But we are willing to go through extra security procedures as long as it means we are safe from another 9/11 type attack. But when TSA agents fail 95% of security tests designed to keep weapons and explosives off the planes, all the extra time and money spent may be in vain! Check this out!

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