K Camp took his lady on vacation in the Dominican Republic for the new music video for "Comfortable". But did you know that the country has a long, deep-rooted hate toward its Hatian residents, and this summer they plan to get rid of them. Check this out.

Wow! Punta Cana sure looks beautiful in this video. But away from the sandy beaches and hotel resorts, 200,000 undocumented people of Hatian decent are living a nightmare. The DR Government told the migrants and even Hatians who were born in the Dominican Republic to prove their citizenship or be deported by the bus load starting August 2015.

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People who support the ruling say that it has been unfair that the Dominican Republic, a poor country in its own right, has had to constantly come to the aid of Haiti and its people. Others view it as an ethnic cleansing. Either way I personally will not be supporting DR with my tourism dollars, no matter how beautiful it looks.

The Country of Haiti says that's it's already accepted 14,000 people, a number that, according to President Michel Martelly, is just about the upper limit of how many people the Haitian government can successfully welcome without major problems.

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