Most happily ever afters don't involve a pile of dead bodies, but then again, happily ever afters don't happen often for Olivia Pope. On Scandal's Thursday, May 14, season 4 finale, Command was knocked off and Eli Pope arrested, there was a massive body count, and Olivia Pope surprisingly got her man. Here's what happened:

A couple important parts not included in this recap, Mama Pope was given a pardon for agreeing to deny the existence of B613.
Jake says goodbye to Olivia after revealing his mission (assigned by Command & The President) of keeping her safe, was over. He says he's still in love with her, but encourages her to go get the man she loves back - FITZ! And she did!

This amazing #Olitz moment!! #ScandalFinale#Scandal

Posted by Scandal on Friday, May 15, 2015