Scandal Season 4 Finale Recap [VIDEO]
Most happily ever afters don't involve a pile of dead bodies, but then again, happily ever afters don't happen often for Olivia Pope. On Scandal's Thursday, May 14, season 4 finale, Command was knocked off and Eli Pope arrested, there was a massive body count, and Olivia Pope surprisi…
Kerry Washington Pic SCANDAL!
Kerry Washington appears on the current edition of InStyle Magazine and it caused some controversy.  Some are up in arms about her COMPLEXION saying the magazine purposely lightened her skin color and wonder WHY????!!!
Well here's the story...
Shonda Rhimes' Powerful Speech
Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal says she didn't break any glass ceilings! That's hard to believe. She explains why in this inspiring speech at the Women In Entertainment: Power 100 Breakfast. Watch it here.
They always say there are two sides to each story - and we all know of the recent troubles of Scandal star Columbus Short but recently tmz released a video which shows he might not be the only one with angry issues.
Remember, Columbus was arrested for domestic violence for an incident at his house Fe…
Scandal Star Arrested
Hopefully Olivia Pope can get Harrison out of trouble as he could face up to 4 years in California State prison!
Scandal is Back! Watch preview
We are just days away from the return of Scandal on ABC!! But star Kerry Washington has been celebrating since Saturday! Photos from her stunning Image Award appearance, info on her star-studded baby shower and a sneak peak of Scandal inside.
Kerry Washington Belly Bump
Last night Kerry Washington was photographed with her baby bump and husband. The only thing missing was her much deserved Golden Globe!! Details and photos inside.
Top 5 Recap of Scandal + Full Ep
If you missed ABC's Scandal last night, watch the full episode here and even though I'll tell you, you won't BELIEVE these 5 Jaw dropping plot twists!! Scandalous!!

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