Scandal Season 4 Finale Recap [VIDEO]
Most happily ever afters don't involve a pile of dead bodies, but then again, happily ever afters don't happen often for Olivia Pope. On Scandal's Thursday, May 14, season 4 finale, Command was knocked off and Eli Pope arrested, there was a massive body count, and Olivia Pope surprisi…
Scandal Recap: Phone Sex [VIDEO]
On last night's Scandal, Fitz wants Olivia to prove she wasn't lying when she said there was hope. He goes into intimate detail what he would do to her if she came over to the White House that minute to prove it to him. After weeks of cheering for Jake, this moment had me back on Team Fitz…
Top 5 Recap of Scandal + Full Ep
If you missed ABC's Scandal last night, watch the full episode here and even though I'll tell you, you won't BELIEVE these 5 Jaw dropping plot twists!! Scandalous!!
scandal finale teaser
"We're getting married and you are moving into the White House with me."
Get a first look at tonight's season finale of 'Scandal'.