Former Buffalo Bills Pro Bowl caliber Lineman Richie Incognito is at it once again...but this time it's gotten a bit more serious and has escalated.  The former NFL Star has had his share of issues prior to the situation which you're about to see in the b1st video News Story below...(continue to scroll down after the initial News Story to see Incognito's "pattern of erroneous behaviors).

May 2018: Yet another Clue that there's something serious going on with Incognito:

This guy has a problem and obviously needs HELP:

Did the Miami Dolphins Help Create a Monster?

This Richie Incognito Craziness was Exposed back in 2013...WATCH:

Richie Incognito obviously needs some serious help before something tragic happens.  Hard to believe he continued his Career here in Buffalo with the  bills and there are no reports of him "acting out of sorts".

I doubt this latest arrest this past week at his Dad's Funeral is the last we'll here of Richie Incognito and his antics.

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