Niagara Falls Woman Leaves Her 4 Children to Shoplift!
What could possibly be so important to STEAL that you would risk leaving your 4 Children, including an infant, in a car to wait for you to get back with your New Stolen Goods???? The Answer: NOTHING!!!!!!!
What an irresponsible and dumb idea this Niagara Falls woman had...
Man Arrested for Walking in Street! [VIRAL VIDEO]
Yet another unnecessary case of of force and authority at the hands of Law Enforcement caught on video.
According to News Reports, the man was simply walking in the street to avoid construction on the sidewalk.  An Officer stops the man which leads to a confrontation caught on video that&ap…
Buffalo Raids 980 Heroin Bags
Two people have been arrested for possessing 980 Bags of Heroin in their home according to the WIVB News and that's GREAT... but I question whether this will even put a dent in the Problem!
The Heroin was found after a raid on a lower front apartment in the 100 block of Fifteenth …

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